10 ways I can start my composition

 I could start my composition...

1, by choosing random notes and then deciding which notes sound good together.

2, by choosing different chords and then composing a melody that sounds good with the chords.

3, by thinking of lyrics that I like and then think of what kind of melody/chords would match the lyrics.

4, I could also do this method with a picture, I could choose a picture and then think of what kind of melody/chords would match the picture.

5, by choosing different pitches of notes and see which of the pitches those notes sound the best.

6, by choosing a rhythmic pattern or a range of different rhythmic patterns and put them together.

 7, by composing a riff, for example at the beginning of eternal flame by atomic kitten

 8, by composing a hook, (many popular songs are started this way.) For example: rock dj when the lyrics ‘rock dj’ are sung.

9, by choosing from sound palettes. A sound palette is a dtatabase with many different audio files on. I would then chose which pieces I liked and then maybe alter them.

10, by using a specific brief. A specific brief is when a piece is composed specifically for a certain thing or event. For example : if i wanted to play a piece for a funeral I would use a major key.